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Viva Las Vegas!

PostPosted: August 29th 2017 8:30pm
by Artman
I'm in sin city for a few more days. So far some doofus in a kiosk tried to sell me a Prodiver for $299 discounted from $599. This is my first trip stateside in years. Can you guys recommend a good watch store that you can get good deals? Thanks in advance!

Re: Viva Las Vegas!

PostPosted: August 29th 2017 9:25pm
by Ocean
Price range ?



Re: Viva Las Vegas!

PostPosted: August 30th 2017 3:42am
by eddiea
Vegas, the Tourist Trap Capital of the World not a place I'm incline to buy anything (aside from the mandatory pic with an Elvis impersonator and a couple T-shirts ....
Enjoy the shows , the herd of tourists with deer in headlights syndrome and call it a day....

Re: Viva Las Vegas!

PostPosted: August 30th 2017 5:02am
by Mortuus
Hmmm...awl I can tell you is to avoid the 3-story wartch stoar inside the Belly Achio Belly Adagio Bell Andy O Bellagio or th'wortch place in th' MGM grande latte mochiatto Grande Oh-tel; they charge something like a 472% mark-up on the MRSP RSPCA SRPM msrp, and sew fourth... Hell, as edd'd said, Lost Wages is the brat wurst place in the hole universe in witch two bye a tymepeace; even the Ross (Dress Less), TJMaxxx and Marshulls charge A 379.4% mark-up, and that's jest the Clarence Eyetims!

If ewer wantin too git cherself uh guddeal own uh wartch, yer best bet is tuh stay in yer rheum an use there wyfy two ack-sess feebay, ware Ewell Gibbons get yore breast deal...

EyE witch EyE wuzzair!! Half phunn, an play lotsa poke-her! 8)

yore frend,
the dead feller frum Deadsville, CA

Re: Viva Las Vegas!

PostPosted: September 8th 2017 12:20pm
by svaglic
If ever in Vegas then check out he pawn shops. People who gamble will pawn anything.