In came 3 stars.

In came 3 stars.

Postby NorthCountry » March 9th 2017 5:16pm

Orient tristar. I very much like this size and style. It will fit right in with my smaller Seiko 5 watches. Of course it has the thin but, thankfully light weight bracelet that is standard. Probably will find a strap for it later. I have another Orient on the way which I am excited about, a white dial Sunbeam. Which I will probably wear in Vegas in May.

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Re: In came 3 stars.

Postby Mortuus » March 9th 2017 10:39pm

VERY nicely done, Senior Norte! You simply cannot go wrong with an Orient... 8)
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Re: In came 3 stars.

Postby kahuna74 » March 10th 2017 7:00am

Classic lines. I like it.
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Re: In came 3 stars.

Postby svaglic » March 10th 2017 6:59pm

Man, Orient really puts out nice watches. Good catch.
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