Dunhill Facet

Dunhill Facet

Postby mrneddles » February 22nd 2013 11:55am

Dunhill is good, pricey stuff. Add a JL movement and wow!

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Re: Dunhill Facet

Postby 3flushes » February 22nd 2013 12:07pm

That's about as classy a dress watch as I've seen for a long time- what awesome looking multi-level dial work- The movement looks like the JL calibre 822 hand cranker that they put in the Reverso, which this watch appears to be somewhat of an homage to. Sure some nice stuff coming out- just not enough money in the world. :x
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Re: Dunhill Facet

Postby aztecknight » February 22nd 2013 2:43pm

goddammit i like this watch.
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Re: Dunhill Facet

Postby eddiea » February 22nd 2013 2:52pm

Nice indeed, although I still prefer Cuervo y Sobrinos
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Re: Dunhill Facet

Postby bigedsurf » February 22nd 2013 3:55pm

Pure Class............
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Re: Dunhill Facet

Postby Mortuus » February 22nd 2013 10:06pm

bigedsurf wrote:Pure Class............
Couldn't have said it better m'self... 8)
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