A high five to DB Cooper

A high five to DB Cooper

Postby kahuna74 » July 3rd 2015 6:17am

I just wanted to take the time to say, Thank you for all the great informative posts you have taken the time to add to this watch sight. Lots of great information has been added by you, in the last few weeks. I for one have enjoyed reading and watching everything you have posted.
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Re: A high five to DB Cooper

Postby Mortuus » July 3rd 2015 10:35pm

+1000! Thanks, Sam... 8)
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Re: A high five to DB Cooper

Postby DBCooper » July 4th 2015 8:00am

I wish I had of done more of this when biged was still around. It's actually kinda enjoyable. Who knows perhaps someone will even read it :rabbit:
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Re: A high five to DB Cooper

Postby Racer-X » July 6th 2015 2:16am

I read it, lots of great stuff Sam.
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Re: A high five to DB Cooper

Postby AJC » July 6th 2015 1:19pm

Ditto. You're an incredible asset to the online watch enthusiast community.
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