WBOTM Towson Feb 2015

WBOTM Towson Feb 2015

Postby Ocean » February 3rd 2015 12:52pm

Well Its about time for a new watch brand and this one I have coming in so I will be able to give my personal thoughts on it. I did mange to look it over but have to wait the 30 days for it to clear. From what I saw it is gorgeous. Fit and finish are second to none and the back on the one i have incoming is spectacular. It has the 7751 with a moon phase. What else can I say looking forward to wearing it.

The link to the one I have coming in. http://www.twcwatches.com/singleproduct ... artnum=new item

The Towson Watch Company, founded at the beginning of the new millennium in 2000, is one of the few U.S. watch companies who design and manufacture their watch line in the United States. When George Thomas and Hartwig Balke decided to create and manufacture their classical mechanical watch collection no one expected immediate success. The style, quality and beauty of this rare unique timepiece collection soon became a benchmark for success, good taste and quality life style. They dedicated their collection to the region they love so much and it became the Chesapeake Class Watch Collection.


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Re: WBOTM Towson Feb 2015

Postby svaglic » February 3rd 2015 1:00pm

I can't wait to see your review and some pictures of this. I am excited for you to be getting it.
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